1. What’s in the Box? You’ll receive the Xbox one console, one newly designed controller, one Kinect, a headset, HDMI cable, and it wouldn’t be an Xbox without the power brick. Xbox One will only work with an HDMI cable.

2. Day 1 update: Microsoft has not said how large the update will be but did say it would take 15 to 20 minutes to download.

3. Digital Downloads: Nearly all the games for Xbox One will be available for digital download the day of there release. Eventually there will be a patch on an update to allow you to put an external hdd to expand the 500gb hdd it comes with.

4. Games: There will be 21 games available at launch.

5. Cable Box Integration: Xbox one will allow you to to connect your cable boc through an HDMI in, allowing you to use you Xbox as your all around media center at home.

6. Kinect: The Kinect is bundled with every Xbox One, and is far more sophisticated than its predecessor. The camera can now tell how many people are in the room, seeing more of whats happening in the room, seeing there skeletons, and even monitoring there heartbeats.

7. Dashboard: The dashboard has customization to make it your own

8. Windows 8 users: Will have a great experience using the Xbox ones dashboard allowing up to 25 pins for apps, games, and shows/movies.

9.Skype: You will be able to use Skype video chat, you will even be able to use this feature will in a game.

Launch is on November 22nd 12:01 am check local store to see if you’ll be able to pick yours up then.

If your shirt isn’t sweaty, your not gaming hard enough….

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