Bound by Flame
7.6our score

Finally an RPG worth looking at, just kidding there are a lot of great RPG’s out there. So lets take a look at a game from a smaller developer SPIDERS. They have brought us real beauty in a genre with huge games like SKYRIM and Diablo 3, giving us little bit of each of these games in this fantasy action RPG. Go into this expecting a great game without a bunch of built up hype or commercials.

Graphics are good with some weird quirks(when running its noticeable). The environments look OK with some of the plants looking flat but having the cell shaded graphics do allow for quality to stand out where it counts. I do think that less is more in this case. Let the game play sell you ion this gem!!!

Controls will take you sometime to get a hold of, but if you start on easy you can change difficulty in mid game once you have them figured out. The use of the skill trees are there but don’t offer a huge amount of variety just adding on to the skills you have.

When you jump into this game you will notice some nice battles. Enemies will tend to come a little repetitive but the boss battles will set you in a state of awe from the size of the bosses to the music playing in the background. This really is a good game from a small developer and deserves a shot by anyone willing to take a break from the everyday RPG. rating 8/10

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