This game has received alot if mixed reviews from many sources but the inky way you may really understand KNACK is by playing it. KNACK is a character that literally grows on you, no joke. This game is fun, in fact its even more then fun. The replay value is up there with the different ranges of difficulty from easy to hard. The puzzles are a real treat as well, I love it when they challenge you to a point of wanting to pull out your own hair then you’ll get past ut and move to the next chapter.

The graphics are amazing! Everything you would expect from a launch title for this generation of consoles, and you know the games will only look better as time goes on. There is some repetitive points in the game KNACK only has a few moves but to be honest it didn’t bother me one bit. I had such a hard time puting the controller down. I feel a little sad that those who haven’t gotten there hands on a ps4 yet will not get the chance to play this near masterpiece.

IGN rating 5.9/10
Gamefly rating 7.0/10 rating 9.0/10

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