Need for Speed Review PS4

So check this one out, If you love racing games that aren’t so much sim racing (forza and Gran Turismo). The new installment of NEED for SPEED may just be the game you need to check out. This is a review for PS4 version.

The visuals in this game are hands down the best i’ve seen. When you driving around at 130mph you get lost in the beauty of the surroundings, the leaves flying around you and even the water droplets seen on you car. You will really get the sense that you are moving that fast. The list of cars to purchase in game are great high end cars you would expect, no matter if you are a racer or a cop. Yes you read right, you can be a racer or a cop and let me tell you being the cop is a ton of fun. Cops start with a Mercedes Benz C class cop car and thats just the start they go up to high end Lamborghini’s, same goes for your racer cars as well.

The controls are easy to get a hold of even before you can purchase the upgrades for your car for handling, steering is super easy and fun, who doesn’t want to drive around at mind blurring speeds in a Lamborghini. The soundtrack is upbeat but wish i could somehow import my personal music into the game as im driving.

It’s hard to put this game down once you start but it’s even harder to drive normal after you play then have to run to the store for more energy drinks. Remember this is a game and you can’t drive like this in real life. Keep Gaming…

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Gamefly rating: 8.3/10
IGN rating: 8/10 rating: 9.5/10

If your shirt isn’t sweaty, your not gaming hard enough….

IGN Gameplay


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