Xbox One Demo and PS4 Demo Kiosks!
Soon you will be able to try out the systems we have been waiting to get our hands on with demo kiosk coming to retailers. This may seem like a tease when we are just waiting to play games such as Call of Duty Ghost at home to see how awesome its gonna look. So far it looks like sony is going to have demos for knack, fifa 14, octodad: dadliest catch, and contrast at the kiosk but no word on xbox demos for there’s just yet ill update as soon as i find out more.

So where are they?

The easiest way to find the Kiosks are to use the easy Zip Code plugin finder for Sony and the Xbox One Tour finder at

Experience PlayStation Kiosk Finder

Xbox One Tour Finder

Xbox One still has a lot of “Test Drive” vehicles out there in these cities as of October 26th.
Green Bay, WI October 31st-November 4th
Seattle, WA until November 3rd
Dallas, TX October 31st
Baltimore, MD November 1st – November 3rd
Houston, TX until November 2nd
New Orleans, LA until November 10th
Landover, MD, November 3rd and December 10th
Phoenix, AZ November 7th
Washington, DC November 6th and 7th
Pittsburgh, PA November 8th – November 10th
Philadelphia, PA October 27-30th & December 8th
San Francisco, CA until November 10th
Los Vegas, NV until November 7th
Boston, MA November 24th
Minneapolis, MN October 26th – 27th
Los Angeles, CA until November 20th
New York, NY November 21st and January 1st
Tampa, FL December 15th
Miama, FL December 29th
Charlotte NC, December 22nd


Many of the Xbox One Tours are after the Xbox One is released on November 22nd. The Playstation 4 is set to be released on November 15th.

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