I’ll start off by saying that Rayman Legends is great, im talking like Mario Bros. great! A beautiful 2d platformer, graphics are amazing with color contrast, and gameplay, you wont find a better platformer out there today. My review is based off of the Wii U version.

The controls work excellent with the Gamepad, there is no loss of picture quality no matter how fast i try to make it through each level. The soundtrack will keep you moving, there are music boards that make the game incredibly fun to play over and over.I have feeling this game will be played in my library of games for years to come. So the replay value is high and i found the game very hard to put down.

This game is available on Wii U, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 , and PlayStation Vita

IGN rating 9.5/10
GAMEFLY rating 8.7/10
BOXCLASH.COM rating 9.5/10

If your shirt isn’t sweaty, your not gaming hard enough….

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