Xbox One issues and fixes

With the PlayStation 4 having a number of problems after launch, Xbox One gamers hoped and prayed that their system wouldn’t have the same sort of issues. Unfortunately, they didn’t pray hard enough, as the Xbox One features a number of problems that, while different from the problems of the PlayStation 4, are harmful nonetheless. While some of these problems have solutions, some of the worst problems affecting the system do not and require an official repair.

My Disc Drive Doesn’t Work

A number of Xbox One users have reported that their Xbox One’s optical disc drive refuses to work, stating that either the system won’t read discs or that it damages the discs that are inserted. Sadly, there is no workaround for this problem, with affected gamers needing to contact Microsoft for a replacement. Luckily, Microsoft is offering affected users a free digital Xbox One game, so users can still enjoy their damaged Xbox One while they wait for their replacement.

My Game Won’t Install

Game installs are mandatory on the Xbox One, so when your game won’t install you are unable to play. Watching the installation meter reach 98% and having the console freeze can be a heartbreaking experience, though Microsoft has provided an easy fix. Simply unplug your Xbox One from the Internet and reinstall the game to successfully complete installation.

My Achievements Won’t Unlock Offline

Unfortunately, you must have your Xbox One connected to the Internet to unlock achievements. All achievements earned while playing offline are stored in the system’s memory; once you connect the system to the Internet, all earned achievements will unlock.

My Kinect Won’t Recognize My Voice

If you are having problems getting Kinect to recognize your voice for voice commands, Microsoft recommends that you recalibrate the Kinect to your voice in the Settings menu. Additionally, if you are having problems turning the Xbox One on using your voice, eliminate any excess noise that may be causing interference, such as an air conditioner or heater.

Error Code E100

Error code E100 is the result of a failed hardware update and, according to Microsoft, it means that your console is “bricked,” i.e completely broken. The recommended course of action is to send your Xbox One to Microsoft for repair.


The response times by Microsoft have been great regarding the issues and so far there have not been nearly as many issues compared to the Xbox 360.   I myself have used both the Chat Support and Phone Support available.  I recommend going straight for the Phone Support, you can enter your contact information and they will call you when your spot in the queue is up.


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