PS4 issues and fixes

While Sony boasts that only .04% of all PlayStation 4 owners have suffered from complete system failures, there are a number of smaller problems that can impact your PlayStation 4 experience. Luckily, these problems, ranging from the PlayStation Network being inaccessible to the HDMI cable not fitting properly into the system, have user-created fixes that can help you get to playing your shiny new console right away.

The PlayStation Network Is Inaccessible

This problem, which mostly reared its head during the United States PlayStation 4 launch and again during the European launch, is not a problem with your PlayStation 4: Sony’s servers are overloaded. The solution is patience; as Sony adds more servers, and PlayStation 4 gamers aren’t all attempting to access the online infrastructure at once, these errors will be a thing of the past.

Blue Pulsing Light

 The blue pulsing light is one of the most serious problems surrounding the PlayStation 4. When your system emits a blue pulsing light and displays no video there could be a number of issues at play. First, check the PlayStation 4’s power cable for any damage. Secondly, inspect the PlayStation 4’s hard drive for any signs of damage. Finally, attempt to reboot the system into Safe Mode and restore the default settings or rebuild the system’s database. If none of these solutions work, or you cannot reboot into Safe Mode, contact Sony for a replacement PlayStation 4.

HDMI Cable Won’t Fit

 If you find that your HDMI cable doesn’t fit into your PlayStation 4, the problem is due to the metal connector located in the HDMI port of your PS4 not being fully pushed down into the system. Fixing this problem is easy: Simply push the metal connector down with your finger and insert the HDMI cable into your PlayStation 4.

Disc Problems

 Some users are reporting that their PlayStation 4 has difficulty ejecting a disc and, once the disc has been ejected, the PlayStation 4 constantly beeps as if it’s still ejecting the disc. While Sony has not provided an official fix, one popular workaround is to stand the system up vertically.

Constant Freezing or Red Line of Death

 If you find that your PlayStation 4 is constantly freezing in either the system menus or during gameplay, your PS4 may be overheating. To correct this problem, move the PlayStation 4 system from its current location to one that features more open air. For example, never place your PlayStation 4 in a fully enclosed entertainment center.  If your PS4 light is turning red it is a sign that the PS4 is overheating as well.

Running out of Hard Drive Space

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