Tomb Raider was a winner of over 40+e3 awards including ign best of e3 2012, brought to you from SQUARE ENIX. Tomb raider can be played through in 10 hours or so depending on difficulty, though i was able to play through more then once. The graphics are top notch, from the beginning of the game you will be grabbed into the story of Lara Croft.

The weapon upgrading is stellar allowing you to salvage resorces and gaining eperience points to upgrade everything from survival tactics to your bow. The puzzles in the game are good, some say that its not the same as the older Tomb Raider games but i found them to be just easy enough i wouldnt rip my hair out any further. You will be able to see a difference in the story where Lara starts as scared survivalist on the mystereous island to a hardend survivor that is as hardcore as your gaming hero could be. The soundtrack follows the story perfect, giving you feeling of being on the island with her every step.

I wont give any spoilers but as far playability is concerned you will wanna play through more then once and collecting all idols and doing all the side quest is just an added bonus.

ign rating 9.1/10
gamefly rating 9.0/10
boxclash rating 9.5/10

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If your shirt isn’t sweaty your not gaming hard enough…..

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