Well this wait is over, we got our hands on Watch Dogs after many delays. I’m glad to be able to play this game and im doing so in the fullest doing as many side missions on my way to each mission. I enjoy hacking into ATM’s for some extra cash. Checking out pedestrians profile or listening to there phone calls can be as funny as ever. Story is good could be a little more exciting, but still keeps me playing.

Graphics are good on PS4 and XBOX ONE but honestly doesn’t look bad on last gen consoles. You will catch yourself looking at landmarks in beautiful Chicago. Collecting city hot spots will show off these amazing visuals and even a higher speeds on a bike or in a car they don’t get blurry. I also gotta say the transition from day til night is amazing.

Controls are good but camera is not always in the best spot. On foot the controls are great but once you jump into a car they seem to be all over the place till you gain control of the car. Once you figure it out it gets a lot easier though, just a learning curve.

This game has some real play value. You can take your time and do all side missions and story as well or blaze through it but none the less this game is one of my favorite games out as of right now! Game is rated M/mature

Boxclash.com rating 9.5/10

Watch Dogs – PlayStation 4
Watch Dogs – Xbox One
Watch Dogs – Playstation 3
Watch Dogs – Xbox 360

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